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Are you searching for a result-oriented SEO company in Dubai or Al Ain? If so, you have landed on the right site. CCARE offers comprehensive white-hat SEO practices in accordance with search engine ranking policies and factors. Please scroll down to learn more about the features of our search engine optimization services.

SEO Stages Our Agency Focus On

Keyword Research

Let us discover the most trending and profitable keywords for your business website

On Page

In this process, we optimize on-site elements such as meta tags, links, structure, user experience, and much more

Content Creation

In the third stage, we will publish or update your website content to enhance its quality

Link Building

We will create highly relevant and clean backlinks for your site to attract more visitors

Technical SEO

This includes site speed, website architecture, managing robot permissions, optimizing link structure, and much more

Tracking Results

In this stage, we will track your site's keyword positioning on Google and Bing, consistently optimizing to ensure it remains at the top.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Increased Organic Traffic

SEO helps you rank on top search engine pages, which will also get you more high-quality traffic to your site.

Cost Effective Marketing

SEO will drive traffic to your site without having to pay for clicks or impressions. As compared to PPC advertisement, SEO has better ROI in the short and long-term.

Quality Leads & Sales

SEO traffic is much better than driving traffic from social media. The user who searches for your service in Google or Bing is already in the funnel stage of either,  mid or end. So the chances of converting the user into lead or sale is much higher.

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Types of SEO's We Work On


Local SEO

With Local SEO, we will assist you in ranking for specific cities on search engines, utilizing Google Map Pack and website ranking strategies.


International SEO

International SEO requires a bit more effort than Local SEO. In this phase, we will create a multi-lingual version of your website and implement strategies to achieve rankings.


YouTube SEO

Are you struggling to gain YouTube views and subscribers? If so, let us help you rank your videos on the YouTube search engine, attracting clicks, views, and subscribers.



Get your app ranked in the Play Store and App Store to increase app installations.


Amazon SEO

Outrank your competitors' listings on Amazon and boost your product ranking when someone searches for it


Social Media SEO

Rank on social media platforms such as Meta, Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest when someone searches for terms or phrases related to your business

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Google PageSpeed

Boost your rankings by improving your PageSpeed score to 99+ and passing Core Web Vitals.


Article Writing

Let our content writers generate 100% handwritten articles for your website or blog



Get your website link listed on top high-authority and relevant websites. Boost your SERPs with our link-building service.


Algorithm Penalty Recover

Affected by a Google algorithm update? Let us help you recover and identify the causes that led to your site being affected. Regain your lost rankings.


SEO Consultation

Speak or meet with our SEO specialists to enhance your site's ranking. Through a comprehensive audit, we will provide solutions to improve your site's ranking.

Site Technical Issues

Experiencing issues with the technical stage of SEO? We can help. Technical errors are often unknown and challenging to fix.


Frequently Ask Questions.

Top questions asked by clients for SEO-related services.

SEO (search engine optimization) is a process in which an expert or an agency tries to rank certain pages on search engines top results.

SEO is the organic way of getting traffic to your site for free.

To rank on top pages a website should have to go through search engine ranking factors and search engine quality guidelines.

There are many search engines to publish your site too, but most popular are:

1- Google (Worldwide)
2- Bing (Worldwide)
3- Yandex (Russia)
4- Baidu (Chinese)
5- Duckduckgo (Privacy protected)

As we dicussed earlier in the faqs section above, SEO is a organic and free way of capturing traffic from search engines and SEM is just the oposite of it. In this, we pay search engines like Google, Bing etc to show our site listing while someone search for certain queries or keywords. SEM is a paid advertisment model where we pay by CPC (cost per click.).

So both marketing models are effective. As SEO takes time to rank organically but with SEM we can run ads anytime and start getting clicks and results in no time.

Website speed directly correlate with SEO and User experience according to Google, they consider website speed (core web vitals) in there ranking algorithm.

With super speed website we can achieve more of our marketing goals such as getting more sales and leads and also satisfy users in navigating our site.

According to Google ranking ranking or indexing is not gurenteed. But as in Computer Care Company SEO services we make sure our clients ranks within the time frame we discuss with them while making the contract which can be from 1 to 3 months or 3 to 6 months max.

CCARE company provides services all over the world in digital side (SEO, Web design, digital marketing, and development). Our most of the clients are from DUBAI and Al Ain for SEO services.