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Digital Marketing Services

Increase your sales and leads with our digital marketing services. Let your customers find and interact with you online. 

Social Media Marketing

Connect with your customers on to social media channels.

SEM Management

Get leads and sales from top search engine paid networks like Google and Bing.

Graphic Design

Increase your social media engagements with you professional graphics.

Bulk Marketing

Increase your brand awareness with our cold emails. messaging and SMS service.


Attract tons of free traffic from search engines for long-term.

Website Design

Launch your professional and beautiful website, and let your customers interacts with your products and services.

Influencer Sponsorship

Get your service or product listed on popular vloggers on social media. Increase your reach and customers.

Lead Generation

Get authentic leads with our strategy lead generation campaigns online.

Social Media Marketing

SMM (social media marketing) is a great to way to reach your customers. With social media you can target all type funnels customers from awareness, consideration and to the action. Our social media service service includes:

– Social page management
– Page Like and increament boosting
– Paid ads & Oragnic reach
– Content posting and Scheduling

We perform social media management only in the following platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Tiktok and Snapchat).

We do have secret sources of social platforms, which we only share to our royal clients for better leads and sales.

PPC Management

PPC (pay-per-click) is a model of advertisement how we pay ad network for per click. There are many PPC management platforms but the one we use are the most popular and those are:

1- Google Ads
2- Bing Ads
3- Taboola

We provide PPC management service on monthly basis and it contains:

– Optimizing campaigns
– Getting more leads and sales
– Reducing ad cost
– Increase ROAS and ROI
– Top of the page ranking on Google, Youtube, and Bing.

But it’s on the client which one they want to go first with after our suggestion.

Graphic Design

Interact with customers in more advance way, Showcase your company services in form of posters, and videos.

Our designer make professional design ideas which convert and play with emotions of your customers.

Our graphic design service includes:

– Posting end number of posters or videos
– Making creatives on occasions
– Posting different angles creatives
– Making graphic designs in multiples sizes and formates
and much more.

Bulk Marketing

Our bulk marketing campaign comes with direct Whatsapp messages, SMS, Bulk emails. We use multiple contact databases to complete this campaign.

Or, if you have your own contact database it will help us to do more.

It depends on you how much contacts you want to reach in a day from 500 to 100,000.


SEO (search engine optimization) is a way to let your customer visit your website from from top search engines like Google and Bing. SEO traffic is highly convertable as compared to social media.

Many business only focus on SEO as they know its has the better ROI and users intent is so high.

Learn more about our SEO Service.

Website Design

Without website your company is unknown and untrustable. With website you digital presense become more powerfull and also you will be able to generate quality leads and sales with your website.

A good website works like a salesman. And in our website design services we make diferent types of websites for clients:

– Business
– Ecommerce
– SAAS base
– Blog
– Landing page

Learn more about our web design service.

Influencer Sponsorship

Influencers are the social media user who have more followings and fans. There fans are royal to them.

We have partnered with many brand influencers to promote our clients services and products on there social feed and story.

The pricing depends on the type of influencer you choose.

Contact us for more details.

Lead Generation

Want to generate only leads for your business without having much presense digitally.? No worry we have a campaign name called lead generation in which we only make neccasry assets suchs as landing page, images etc to generate leads from paid ads.

With lead generation service the leads will be in the form of contact forms, Whatsapp, Call, or any call to action you want to have.

Also we will help you connect a CRM with the landing page to cpature leads and manage it easily.

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Frequently Ask Questions.

Top questions asked by our digital marketing clients.

Digital marketing is the new era of doing business online by creating your business presence online in form of website, social media and promoting it.

Digital marketing have its marketing parts such as SEO, SMO, SEM, Email marketing, Lead generation, Graphic desiging, and PPC campaigns.

Yes, digital marketing is highly beneficial for small businesses as it provides them opportunity to compete with larger established companies. It offers cost-effective marketing solutions and allows smaller businesses to target specific audiences, build brand awareness, and drive conversions on a limited budget.

Digital marketing is an ongoing requires consistent effort and adaptation. It is not a one-time thing as the digital landscape constantly evolves, and new technologies and strategies emerge. To stay competitive, businesses need to continuously update their digital marketing strategies, analyze data, and optimize their campaigns to ensure long-term success.

Computer Care charges services on monthly or one time contract basis. Depends on the clients requirement for example PPC or social media management is monthly based management while SEO or Email marketing can be stopped while achieving certain results.