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CCTV Camera Installation Service in UAE

Security camera installation at in affordable price. We're CCTV suppliers and maintenance company.

Are you looking for CCTV solutions for your home or Business.? Well you just came to the right place. We Computer Care Company provide the best CCTV installation and maintenance all over the UAE. We have been doing this service since 2001. We’re known for verified CCTV installation provide by the name of MCC Integrators.

Benefits of Having CCTV Camera in Home or Business

The market offers a diverse array of security cameras, each with distinct features and advantages. Dome cameras, bullet cameras, and PTZ cameras are among the most prevalent and sought-after types today.

Dome cameras, characterized by their dome-shaped enclosures, excel in indoor surveillance applications. Conversely, bullet cameras, cylindrical in shape, are ideal for outdoor monitoring due to their weatherproof design, making them suitable for all outdoor settings.

PTZ cameras, or pan, tilt, and zoom cameras, offer users control over their movement and zoom capabilities. They prove invaluable when comprehensive coverage of a large area is required using a single camera.

Specialized security cameras also exist, such as covert cameras, which remain discreetly hidden for covert or secretive surveillance purposes. Additionally, other specialized types include thermal cameras, night vision cameras, and facial recognition cameras.

Ultimately, the choice of security camera hinges on your specific surveillance needs and budget constraints, allowing you to tailor the selection to best suit your requirements.

How We Provide CCTV Installation Services in UAE

CCARE has established itself as the largest and most reputable distributor of I.T-based products in the UAE. Our expertise lies in installing CCTV and security devices for a wide range of clients, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Upon receiving your service inquiry, we embark on a meticulous site investigation to determine the best security camera placement. Subsequently, we provide a detailed quote for our services.

Upon mutual agreement, our team of expert technicians will proceed to install the CCTV cameras at your home or business premises, ensuring a seamless setup.

To guarantee the continued performance of your CCTV system, we offer comprehensive yearly maintenance services for all its components, including DVR, LCD, and storage space, among others.

CCARE’s CCTV services extend to multiple locations, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ajman, Sharjah, and Fujairah, ensuring that you can benefit from our quick and high-quality solutions.

CCTV Features:

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Frequently Ask Questions.

Top questions asked by our customers for CCTV service & installation.

Rest assured, our CCTV is user-friendly and suitable for all. Operating it requires no specialized skills or technical knowledge.

Our team of skilled CCTV installers will conduct a comprehensive site assessment to tailor the camera setup according to your specific requirements. Typically, for small businesses or homes, we recommend the installation of 3 to 4 cameras to ensure effective coverage.

CCTV offers valuable benefits not only to businesses but also to homeowners. With 24/7 property monitoring, it acts as a deterrent to unwanted visitors and promptly notifies you of any potential breaches. Allow our experts to assist you in setting up your CCTV system today, ensuring the security and peace of mind you deserve.

Imagine having a vigilant pair of unblinking eyes that tirelessly watch everything in front of them. That's what CCTV cameras offer. With motion-detecting sensors, they spring into action, capturing footage whenever needed. It's akin to having an invisible watchman standing guard around the clock!

Deploying CCTVs can significantly enhance the overall security level of a community, acting as a proactive measure to deter potential incidents and fostering a sense of safety and protection for individuals in all locations.